Ecobee will not uninstall

My Ecobee stopped working so I went to try and figure it out. Under Ecobee smart app there was a phantom thermostat, I couldn’t remove it.

I went and removed the thermostat manually and removed the sensors manually. I then tried to remove th smart app…I couldn’t.

I even went in to the IDE and I cannot remove the smart app. I get “There was an error uninstalling your SmartApp.”

Any help would be great.

It is still in use by another smart app or routine. Remove it from that first then you can delete it.

I think I had to delete the sensors separately or some such nonsense. Look for other items you can uninstall first.

I did remove the sensors manually. Under the Ecobee smart app I see a thermostat and it’s called 32e30ae6-9669b-4d79-…

I cannot seem to remove it from there, and I cannot find it in my list on the phone app or on the IDE.

Thanks xamindar! That worked for me.