Ecobee Question

I just moved over from Wink. Much easier than I feared and so far mostly going smoothly! I am having one issue I can’t seem to figure out. My ecobee has two locations - Home and Work. When I linked my Smartthings to ecobee all my thermostats and sensors showed up - both locations. I’ve tried deleting the work thermostats and sensors but they just keep reappearing. If I delete them from a room they show up again in No Room Assigned. If I delete them from No Room, they just show up again in another room. I’ve created a dummy room to hold them all (there are 15 items), but I’d really like to remove them from my Smartthings Home altogether. Any and all help is much appreciated. TIA.


unfortunately it isn’t possible to choose or filter the list of devices for most (all?) integrations.

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Ugh.I was afraid of that. Thanks.

The same is true for the SmartTHings → Alexa or Google Home integration. It sends everything. So if you have ecobee added separately to those ecosystems you’ll get duplicates. In the Alexa app, you can disable the dup that came from SmartThings.

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That makes sense. I’ll probably just delete the integration since I use the ecobee app to control all my temps. Thanks again for your help .


Or you can keep work location and create automations, for example, when you leave home on your way to work, adjust temperature, etc