Ecobee Switch

Has anyone used or tried the Ecobee switch that has built in Alexa with ST. Wanting to hear from anyone that knows if it works without problems.
Thanks Mike

Here is a link if you are not familiar with them.
Ecobee Switch

I like mine except the PIR sensors in them triggering occupancy from the ac temperature fluctuation and turning on the lights.

I have two. One near my kitchen sink and the other in my laundry room. Mainly, I wanted a small speaker and Alexa compatibility while in those rooms. I have not had the problems with the passive infrared that Diademz was talking about but none are near any vents.

I wish that at DTH would come out to fully integrate them with SmartThings. I would like to add the motion sensors like you can with the temperature sensors.

But, the light on/off function works well with SmartThings through the default SmartApp. If you use a different SmartApp for the Thermostat than the default, only add your switches with the default SmartApp and leave off the thermostat. I run it for the switches and Ecobee Suite Manager for the thermostat.