Ecobee Link Account w/ Multiple Homes

I have 10 ecobee thermostats and 4 homes set up in my account. When I link my Ecobee Account to SmartThings the link account option imports all of my homes which causes a huge headache.

For example if I import ecobee into SmartThings for use in one home, all the ecobee sensors in the other homes are imported as well. This causes multiple issues.

Since the SmartThings app also supports multiple homes, why doesnt it allow me to select only the corresponding home in each app…but at the very least I should have the option to select which home(s) or devices I want to link rather than all or nothing.

This renders Ecobee worthless in multi home scenarios. Ive tried deleting the other homes devices, but SmartThings keeps automatically restoring them. For now I have them all sitting in an undefined room…but its a giant mess.

Is there any other workarounds for this?

Ring does the same thing. Seems like it will need to be a solution from ST to resolve this.

To make matters worse, if I create multiple homes in Smartthings, the only way to get those Ecobee devices into that home is to link accounts again. So now I have all 10 Ecobees (which are physically in 4 separate homes) imported twice causing a duplicate set in each home on the SmartThings app.

Yeah, this is a problem with any third-party integration that uses OAuth2. Smartthings links at the account level, not the location level.

Way back at the very beginning when smartthings used a different authentication method, you could link at the location level. But I think that changed in 2015 or 2016 – – anyway, it’s been several years and impacts many different integrations, including the voice assistants, Ifttt, etc.

Since it’s been so long, it doesn’t seem likely that smartthings is going to change it, although you never know.

For now, the only workaround is to create multiple smartthings accounts (not just locations). But that creates its own inconveniences. :thinking:

BTW, back in 2017 SmartThings said publicly that they wanted people with multiple homes to be able to add Alexa control of Smartthings devices to individual locations.

They spent a year telling us they were working on it, then just quietly stopped mentioning it.

Since that was now more than five years ago, I just don’t think it’s going to happen. :disappointed_relieved:

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