Ecobee4 pair with St or Abode

(Mike Jones) #1

I am new to the forum and home automation so bare with me if I ask a silly question. I recently purchased an ecobee4 thermostat. I have both smartthings and abode security system. Since both are compatible with ecobee4 which one would be recommended pairing with the ecobee4?

(Kirk Hilzinger) #2

If they both work, why not both. You can use your security system to set it between home and away and you can use SmartThings to adjust temperatures, or integrate it with scenes.

(Mike Jones) #3

Wait a minute are you saying the ecobee4 would allow me to pair more than one hub to the thermostat? I thought only one hub could be paired. Am I mistaken?

(Kirk Hilzinger) #4

I do not know as far as duplicate SmartThings hubs, but different systems, like your security system and SmartThings, I do not see why not. From what I can tell, it is just sending data through Ecobee’s API to their cloud. The same concept would be with me using it with SmartThings and Amazon Alexa. It is just the system logging into Ecobee and making changes. Give it a shot. You can always disable one.

(Mike Jones) #5

Okay. It would be cool if I could use both smartthings and abode. I will give it a try. Thank you for the reply.

(Mike Jones) #6

Thank you. It worked.


Zigbee Home Automation and zwave devices can only be paired to one primary hub. But most devices which use Wi-Fi or cloud to cloud or LAN can pair To multiple Home automation platforms at the same time.

It’s a good idea to check in the forums before purchasing but it’s quite common.