Ecobee for heat pump shows cooling only

I have two Ecobee thermostats, each connected to a heat pump; one is also connected to a boiler. The one with the boiler was set up 5 months ago; the other one was set up yesterday. My problem is that SmartThings only lets me choose Cool or Off for the new unit – I’m missing Heat and Auto modes. Can someone help me get the missing modes working from SmartThings?

On the My Devices page of the SmartThings graph site, the July unit appears as an “Ecobee Thermostat” with a long hex string as the Network Id AND a second time as a “placeholder” type device with “ecobee|:vulcanSmart-thermostat|:undefined” as the Network Id. Yesterday’s unit appears only once as a placeholder – it does not also appear as an Ecobee Thermostat. (The second unit does work properly from the Ecobee app.)

I don’t recall if I did something different in July. I’d really like the ability to set the mode to Heat (given that it’s 28°F outside) or Auto. Can anyone guide me toward a fix?

The difference between the Device Types is one is based on groovy and the others are for the new schema (non-groovy). ST has been switching over to the new schema for integrations since summer. So the one you added in July with the Device Type of Ecobee is groovy. Odd that you have two device types showing for it in IDE.

Placeholder is used as the device type for the new schema.

As for how to fix, I am unsure. You didn’t add any custom code for ecobee, by chance, or did you use the Ecobee integration through ST?

I don’t see any handlers for Ecobee, so I am guessing that I went with the default SmartThings integration. Might there be a way to fix it be adding custom code?

(I did rename the older thermostat yesterday. I wonder if that act created the second instance of it. Sadly, I don’t recall if the double-appearance was present before the renaming.)

If you click on the name in IDE, it will open a page that shows the date it was created. Possible renaming it, moved it over to the new schema but seems the older one should have been removed in that process.

Unfortunately, I do not use Ecobee so I am afraid I can’t offer any solutions. Hopefully someone out there might be able to provide more assistance.

The last change on the old one is 6:30am today. The placeholder instance for the same physical device has been updated since then. However, that subsequent update may be because I just succeeded in changing the device type of the placeholders. (My earlier attempt at changing the type had failed.)

Sadly, even though the “placeholder” items now both appear as Ecobee Thermostat, the newer thermostat still shows only Cool and Off modes. (Grumble.)

Thanks for your help. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Sorry, I guess I should have pointed out that you should not change the device type for devices using Placeholder. That will not work. You can’t use old groovy device types with devices using the new schema (those with Placeholder). Unfortunately there is no way to change them back to Placeholder in IDE.

Groovy is being phased out.

Thanks for letting me know that the change wouldn’t be helpful (and might be harmful?).

Before I jump to my own solution again, since there are no active automations using the thermostats, can I safely delete the new one (yesterday’s addition, which showed up as Placeholder and which I then changed to Ecobee Thermostat)? I am presuming that I can and that Smartthings will just “sync” it back from Ecobee, but I figure that I should ask before doing so.

Also, what do you think of the idea of deleting the old thermostat’s Placeholder object (leaving the groovy-based one alone for the time being)?

My advice at this point - wait until someone who may be able to provide more info before making any changes. Also, if you haven’t already, contact ST support and see what they recommend.