Costco Ecobee3 with 3 Sensors

Costco is running the Ecobee3 with the 2 pack sensor addon for $199 with free UPS 3 to 5 day shipping. Not sure if you’ll be able to view unless you sign in to your Costco account…


The local utility might also be offering rebates on top of that, which can really sweeten the deal.

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Out of stock online

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Yep, called both my electric and gas companies and while the gas company was offering a rebate, it was only on the Nest E thermostat. It kind of surprised me that my electric company wasn’t offering something after hearing so many other people talking about receiving them.

Yep just checked on my order status because I hadn’t received my shipping info yet. She assured me that if it was still up that it would ship. She also said they sold out fairly quickly on them.

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@tommyincville Just noticed your username. Cville, VA? In Culpeper here.

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Yep We’re almost neighbors. I occasionally hit the lowes there. They were clearing out their Rain Bird irrigation stuff a few months back. Picked up several valves, sprinkler heads and a timer for pennies. I can’t repress the 12yr old boy in me when I see the name of the street they’re on.
MountAunus Dr. :rofl:


Thought the same thing when I first moved here a few years back! I mean who names these streets… :laughing:

Our Lowes for the most part sucks! I’m so jealous of some of the other markets and the amazing deals they get.

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