Ecobee E3 Thermostat with Built-in Wifi

I saw this at Lowes today & trying to figure out which generation it is. Also this looks like it is a direct setup to Smartthing Gen. 2 hub. Anyone have any good or bad comments.
Thanks Mike


It’s the same ecobee3 that you can find anywhere (Best Buy, HomeDepot, Amazon, apple store, etc.).

The new one is the ecobee lite (with no remote sensors).

See this thread:


Was able to by an open box unit on Ebay for $140. We will see when it gets here.

Ecobee3 arrived late Tuesday night to late to install. Started to install Wed. afternoon & ran into a wiring problem. Seems I have one of those 5% that do not direct connect. Called Ecobee & they finally called me back about 5 hrs. later. (said they have been so busy lately no problem) They walked me through the wiring & complete setup over the phone, they would not get off phone until they could see everything was working correctly. I can not say enough about the customer service, in my opinion they far exceeded the install problem. Will recommend Ecobee to anyone that wants to install a new thermostat.