Ecobee 3 & ST?

First off, the device is super well-designed. They really seem to be putting Nest in their crosshairs. Very good to see.

I’m not seeing how it does – or doesn’t – integrate with ST though. I have an ecobee Si, and it works with ST (though a bit clumsily in my opinion). Does anyone know if;

  1. It’ll work with other ecobee products like my Si, or if I need to rip out the Si for the ecobee 3 and all new sensors.
  2. If it works with Smartthings

Thanks for the help. I have also written ecobee too, so we’ll see what they say.

Hello The Erkelbot,

I was part of the ecobee3 presentation last Tuesday.

To my knowledge, here are your answers:

(1) If you want to take advantage of the new sensors, you need to upgrade your SI to ecobee 3. They will
offer a discount coupon for existing users to upgrade ($79 of additional sensors value). BTW, the new ecobee3
can only be hooked to one device such as an HRV/ERV, humidifier, dehumidifier.

You can also keep your current SI and buy an additional ecobee3 (if you have multiple zones in your house for instance). You can then group them together if you want to synchronize some settings (ex. vacation, schedule, quickSave settings).

(2) The new ecobee 3 will use the same public API that I’ve used to develop the ecobee custom device at The custom device has additional commands over the default Smartthings integration.

For example, you can set your thermostat to ‘away’, ‘present’, ‘sleep’, ‘awake’ climates in the Smartthings UI or through some smartapps according to your lifestyle.

There are also many smartapps that I’ve developed that take advantage of all ecobee features available, such as
controlling your humidifer/dehumidifer via ecobee.

Take a look!


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Thanks – I saw the coupon offered to current users. Unfortunately it didn’t work when I tried it – it just said invalid.

Good to know about the ST integration, though the zone-only functionality with my existing thermostat is a bummer. I actually do have zoned control, though I bypassed it when the controller started acting up. Now the ecobee si is simply hardwired directly to the furnace using the common wire to forego the need to replace or service the controller unit for the zones. Yeah, it’s a completely different problem, but it would be nice to have the Si work with the ecobee 3 as a sensor at least.

I mean, as an early adopter I really prefer not to feel like I’m being ‘appled’ into new products as they arrive…

I’m really sorry your discount code did not work. Please get in touch with me via email and I will give you a new code right away.

It’s fine. I don’t really see myself dropping that kind of scratch on a new smart(er) thermostat… I already have one of your products.

If your handing out coupon codes, I want to switch from Nest to EcoBee 3. If you offer a credit for the Nest or discount, I’ll switch right now to get it integrated with ST.

I’m sorry but we had an upgrade offer for existing customers but that expired on October 16th. I Hope you’ll consider switching to ecobee3 anyway :slight_smile:

I was going to anyway :wink: just thought maybe I could save some $$$. Hate Google and don’t trust them with my information.

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@ecobee Any updates on ecobee3 integration with ST or even IFTT? I currently use a IFTTT and nest Nest to control a wemo switch connected to my window unit. Can ecobee3 do this?


Like I said earlier in this thread, you can use the stock ST integration (see ecobee connect) or my custom ecobee device to integrate ST with ecobee3 as it’s the same APIs.

The custom ecobee device type that I created brings more functionalities than the stock ST one and comes with many smartapps. See the following github link for more details.

For IFTTT integration with ecobee , I know that ecobee is working on it, but there is no official target date.


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With that ecobee code, would it show up as a temperature reading device under the smartthings IFFTT channel if I made such a recipe?


No, you’d need more than a ST-ecobee integration to do so. As I said earlier in this thread, the ecobee-IFTTT integration is not officially released yet.

As a side note, you should probably reconsider why you’d need IFTTT for your use case as ST can talk to a wemo switch directly. So, with the ST-Ecobee AND the ST-wemo integration, I don’t see why you need IFTTT to do your automation scenario. A smartapp should suffice.


It’s a wemo insight.

Do you have a recommended solution for making my wemo insight connected a/c unit interface with my thermostat?


Your use case could be based on simplified architecture by using ST as the main controller instead of relying on many hubs and integration components: ST, IFTTT, wemo, and Nest/Ecobee.

I’d recommend to use another energy monitoring switch (such as Aeon smart energy: they are cheaper than Wemo and can be connected directly to ST).

BTW, I don’t own any wemo switches, but based on some feedback in the community,it seems that Wemo switches are not always responsive.

see Belkin WeMo Compatibility with SmartThings

By simplifying your overall architecture, you’d probably have better response times and be less sensitive to outages.


Hey Yves! That name looks awfully French Canadian if you ask me. I live in Montreal so it would be pretty cool if you are from these parts.

I am going to be working on my new ST Hub installation and Ecobee 3 connection in the coming days. Is that code up to date from November? Anything glaring that you can warn me about?


I @creed205, The code is up to date… I don’t know why you’re asking since November, but let me assure you that the code is up to date with the latest API release (September 2014).

The code is pretty much stable at this point. I use it every day at home…As you may know, I have also developed a lot of smartapps for controlling your dehumidifier/humidifier/HRV/ERV if these devices are connected to your ecobee.

In April, there will be another API release for accessing ecobee3’s remote sensors data. I have some beta code ready for it…

P.S. You’re right, I’m from Montreal…

Thanks Yves. I was asking because I wasn’t sure that this was for the old Smart series or the new Ecobee 3 unit. I must have missed it the first time that I read the thread.

I installed the app and have to say that it’s one of the better apps that I have installed since getting my hub last week. It will be very exciting to see what you can do with the individual sensors. Would be cool if Smartthings could use them as motion sensors for other actions.

@creed205, glad that you are happy with it.

If you have the ecobee3, as the new ecobee API release (March 2015) is operational now. you can then use my code to expose the remote sensors as SmartThings’ Motion & Temp Sensors for your home automation scenarios.

Here is the readme file with the installation steps:

Also, please follow this thread:

But, the motion sensors are quite slow to report occupancy…Just to let you know.


Hello, I’ve installed the ecobee device, but when I run the app, the logs say that a ecobee type hasn’t been selected? I’m running an ecobee3. The app does log me into my ecobee account though.

I see both the “You are connected” status in the app, and I get the success images when I use it to log into my ecobee account. I do see this in the logs though:

getEcobeeThermostats> error/exception 

( Internal Server Error) getting
list of thermostats, probable cause: not the right account for this type
(ems) of thermostat [uri:, path:/1/thermostat,
headers:[Content-Type:text/json, Authorization:Bearer null],