Ecobee 3 Remote Sensors into ST

Hello @keithcroshaw,

Based on our discussion, I made some further changes to the smartapp.

I modified my MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp smartapp to adjust the thermostat’s setpoints according to outdoor AND indoor sensors (when occupied).

The logic is a bit similar to ecobee3 with its remote sensors except that you can use any ST connected indoor sensors (with both temperature measurement and motion capabilities) to adjust your house’s temperature. You can also use your old Smart-SI,EMS, or STAT-02 thermostat if you have not upgraded to ecobee3.

On top of it, the smartapp can set your ecobee thermostat to Away or Home (in near real time) based on any number of ST connected indoor sensors.

Finally, it also adjusts the thermostat’s setpoints according to heating/cooling thresholds based on the outdoor temperature.

You can use a physical or virtual weatherStation (such as follows) as input to the smartapp.

To get the smartapp, please refer to

P.S. There is a strange exception ( that can appear in the log, but it does not seem to affect its processing. I think that it’s related to the high number of sensors the smartapp subscribes to. I contacted support about it.

Wow that was crazy fast. At this point what’s the point of the Ecobee3? Or is all of the logic still handled by the Ecobee you just forward the temperature values to it?

Thanks for answering my questions.

@keithcroshaw, well, you can buy a Smart-SI and use my smartapp with ST connected sensors (such as Aeon Multisensors or others) and get about the same ‘occupied’ logic as the ecobee3 with its remote sensors.

I tested it at home with my old ecobee STAT-02 thermostat and it seems to be working fine. It adjusts the thermostat setpoint based on the average indoor temp on all occupied sensors and static temp sensors of your choice (such as the bedrooms you mentioned earlier).

The temps are not sent to the ecobee thermostat; the smartapp calculates the avg temp dynamically every x minutes (interval specified by the ST user as input parameter) and adjusts the temp at the thermostat based on the temp differential between the calculated avg and its own temperature.

This is an interesting option as the ST connected sensors can be used for other automation scenarios at your home.

Bye for now.

Hi @keithcroshaw, I just got the answer on the refresh rate for the ecobee3’s remote sensors.

I will be able to query the APIs at least every 5 minutes (which is much better than the usual report/sensor data)…This is particularly interesting for temperature sensors.

Based on this answer, I’ve been working on some code to expose all ecobee3’s remote sensors as individual ST temperature & motion sensors so that a ST user can use them for other home automation scenarios.

I’ll be ready to test it in production when they release it in April.

I’ll keep you posted.

Bye for now.


Thanks I’m on the verge of buying a Honeywell switch and doing it myself. We’ll see if I can hold out.

Thanks again!

I’m in the middle of planning out my ST implementation, I’m waiting on the V2 hub, and have been trying to research smart thermostats. I was curious if you could use this thermostat in combination with z-wave dampers to create a zoned solution?

Hello @Jason_Cummings,

With my latest updates to my custom ecobee device and the MonitorAndSetEcobee smartapp, plus the upcoming API release to access the ecobee3 remote sensors or any ST connected sensors for that matter, we’re very close to a zoned solution.

This will require some changes to the above smartapp and some thorough testing.

Bye for now.

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That is definitely what I was looking to hear! I’ll be picking up the thermostat soon :smile:

@Jason_Cummings I have really enjoyed mine and @yvesracine has done really great work on the ecobee device types and related SmartApps.

I too have enjoyed / been impressed with the increased comfort and peace of mind knowing that I am not wasting energy when my schedule does not follow a preset thermostat schedule.

Initially I had some issues (…or maybe misunderstandings) concerning how some of the apps @yvesracine wrote worked. Mainly my confusion was how to tell for sure ST was controlling the thermostat or was it operating on the program that I scheduled.

I believe I’ve got it all straight now and am quite pleased.

Just last night I added additional Ecobee3 sensors. It will be (admittedly nerdly) exciting once there is Ecobee/ST sensor intergration.

Hello @Drewbert34, @Jason_Cummings

As I said in a different thread:

There should not be any conflicts between ecobee and ST if you let each platform do what it does the best: ecobee owns the general thermostat schedule and ST manages the exceptions when you’re away or home (according to its hello home modes) and ecobee does not expect it

Bye for now.

I think I’m still set on doing my own system with dumb z-wave components… I’ve already made the SmartApp although I’m getting some errors after setup, something with error saving default page. It’s based off of Keep Me Cozy II but very heavily modified. I’m staring at them in my shopping cart, I just need some more funny money…

I don’t really like the motion feature of the Ecobee, I feel like I have better ways of knowing what temperatures I need to control to.

My app so far aims to average between living spaces during the day and bedrooms at night. Also control to an away setpoint from 1 sensor because accuracy doesn’t matter when nobody’s home, just keep it safe for animal life…

The app changes mode with the hub so that should be set. I’ll update this post if I fix my issue.

This is exactly what I want from my Ecobee and I’m told by a reliable source it’s coming

@lobo5519, if you’re using My ecobee device ( and I think you are), just grab the latest MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp smartapp code and it already does this logic: avg temperature calculation based on many “static” temp sensors (as example, for the night) and “occupied” sensors (during the day).

This “occupied” logic works not only with ecobee3 but also with any older ecobee thermostat models (such as the Smart-SI, Smart, EMS thermstats).

Any ST connected temp and (motion+temp) sensors (such as the Aeon multisensor) can be used
as “static” and “occupied” sensors for the smartapp.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Bye for now.

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I don’t own smartthings yet, I’m waiting for version 2. But I would be able to trigger heat during sleep mode strictly from my bed room sensor?

Hi @Manofice, this would require a zoned solution that needs to be developed and tested. MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp is a smartapp will be used as a base for that development.


I finally have my Ecobee 3 and will get it installed with the C wire but have to wait a while due to crazy weather here in Jersey. Will be strictly using it for AC only and will be replacing this vintage Lennox…


The ecobee3 will do this out of the box. It comes with a remote motion/temp sensor. Simply place that in your bedroom and the default “Follow me” function of ecobee3 will notice that motion near the thermostat has stopped while there is still motion in the bedroom and will start tracking the bedroom temp for controlling the heater. All of this happens by default and doesn’t require ST.

While that is true, there is no motion while you sleep and in sleep mode… If no motion is detected it just takes the average of all your selected sensors. What I did to get around this just as testing is before I went to bed I unchecked the downstairs sensor and left only the bedroom sensors checked so heat is running strictly from my bed room.

Yea I mentally figured the sleep limitations. That’s why I’m using my whir noise machine switch as a “bedtime mode” toggle which hopefully when I get one will tell my z-wave thermostat in conjunction with the SmartApp I’m writing to change to the sleep setpoint configured in the App. If I can ever finish it, buy the stuff, then test it that is…