Ecobee 3 can't login to app nor website

So I updated to the new Ecobee Android app (v6.0.1) and after one login, I can neither login to that app any more nor the website. Anyone else have this issue?

I was able to use the updated app just fine.

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I got in touch with support and they can’t login either. My Ecobee is controlling temps fine according to schedule and passes all network tests. According to support, they are having a fair amount of users having issues after the new app. Apparently I’m special enough to have issues with the website too.

UPDATE: Contacted support for the 3rd time. Apparently I will lose all my historical data and have to create a new account…but the backend doesn’t delete my account for about 24 hours…so I must wait. I have to say, this is a pretty disappointing resolution. My Ecobee 3 had been flawless until Android app version 6.0.1.

Well that’s a bummer.

Yeah, it seems a little fishy that this happened after I logged in once to the new Android app and now all this mess.

Had to change my login name. Apparently this couldn’t be fixed any other way.