Ecobee Servers Down

FYI, the Ecobee servers are down. Just chatted with their support. They’re aware and working on it.


Thanks for that. Just got a notice mine had disconnected and got an invalid request when I tried to reenter my credentials on the Smart Things App.

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thank you for this, I came here just for this info

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+1 On the thanks. Ecobee wouldn’t let me sign in because the “password is incorrect”. I tried to reset it, but that doesn’t work either.

Their home page is now saying this:

and they updated their status page:


Their status page looks like a broken record. lol

Their status page says resolved, but I still can’t login with SmartThings, their app, or their website.

You’d need a more resilient ecobee implementation and My ecobee provides it (i.e. you don’t need to re-login at every ecobee outage):

Do you really have to push your app EVERY time there is an Ecobee issue or post?


Yes, because some ecobee users really need a reliable ST-ecobee integration for their HA scenarios…They don’t want to re-login every time there is a ST or ecobee outage.

My ecobee device can deliver this and much more…

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I use the free one and I did not have to re-login, it’s still working just fine after the outage. You are spouting lies about other people’s software to try to scare people in to purchasing yours. How disgraceful.


It’s a great lie to all ecobee users (by omission) if I’m not telling them that My ecobee is the most comprehensive and has the best look & feel than all ecobee implementation out there.

With My Ecobee device, you can use your Home IQ runtime stats to create your own HA rules, get ecobee comfort & energy tips, use alternate cooling, create virtual zones for targeted heating/cooling in your home (and save money), leverage all your ST connected temp/motion/contact sensors to adjust your thermostat setpoints (to avoid heating/cooling unoccupied rooms thus saving money ), and use the unique Ask Alexa integration to get special reports and tips verbally…

No other ecobee implementation can do this, and this is a fact that can be verified every day by thousands of users for the last 4 years…

This is all available for a small contribution (the equivalent of few cups of coffee)…

And, there are many testimonials, for example:

So, if you don’t use My ecobee Device, that’s your choice, but let me state the real facts here for people who have paid a high price for a smart thermostat and want to leverage it to the max and use it in a reliable way under the ST platform…

Once again it is not a small contribution, you’re charging a fee for your software and then claiming it’s a donation to skirt Canadian tax laws.

and anyone reading this thread and debating purchasing your software should do some searches on the forums…there are plenty of examples of what kind of person you are and none of them are flattering.

Said someone who wanted a reimbursement after 2 years… Good luck with your flawed assessment of my tax situation… Do you know anything about my company here in Canada… You’re just trying to smear me again with false statements… People want facts not fake news… Prove it… I will talk to my lawyer about your false statement in a public forum… This is a serious accusation.

I’m still getting the “HTTP Status 500 - An exception occurred processing JSP page /oath/login.jsp at line 34” error after putting my credentials in.

line 34: request.setAttribute(“accessGrantNeeded”,data.getNeedsAccessGrant());

With Myecobee Device, the authentication process flow can be done from beginning to end w/o any issue. You should contact ST support as clearly there is an issue with the ST stock device.

Thanks for the advertisement, again. You can stop selling your product on this thread now, we all get it by now.


I’m just trying to help here by pointing out that there seems to be an issue under your ST account or with the ST stock device… So, please take my advice.

Can a mod please close this thread? It has degenerated.

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I was able to reconnect within the last hour.

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