Echo won't discover devices

Do you have multiple locations? If so, make sure the Amazon Echo smart app is not installed in more than one.

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I had the Echo app installed on multiple locations. That was my problem. Once I limited it to the one hub location, everything was discoverable.

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Do you mean you had multiple Amazon Echo devices (dot, etc)? And the Alexa app was configured with both of them? If so, how did you limited it to one hub location? I can’t see any of the new devices I’ve added today after multiple discovery attempts, only the old ones.


Did you individually authorize the new devices from smartthings to echo before doing the discovery? You can do this either in the SmartThings mobile app or in the echo app.

See steps 10A) and B) in the following ( except for 10A) if you have the newest version of the SmartThings mobile app you will get to smart apps by first clicking on the three horizontal line menu icon in the upper right and then clicking on smartapps)

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I just got my smartthings home monitoring kit last night and the setup was nice and easy. Yet Alexa cannot find a single smartthings device. I looked through multiple FAQs and forums and followed directions from the smartthings site word for word yet Alexa cannot find anything from the home monitoring kit, only thing it finds is my sensi thermostat.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

The only device from the Home Monitoring Kit that is discoverable by Alexa is the outlet. There are a couple different reasons why a device might not discover, but if you’ve followed these steps, feel free to email support and they can dig into your account.

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I really like my echo, but unlike HomeKit, the echo itself doesn’t connect with any of your devices and doesn’t monitor sensors of any kind. All it can do at present is accept voice requests to turn switches on and off and control thermostats. It then passes those requests along to the actual home automation controller, in this case SmartThings. The SmartThings smart plug counts as a “switch” so definitely echo should find that. But it won’t find any of your sensors.

So definitely contact support to get help with your smart plug. But that’s the only device from the monitoring kit that echo will find.

Did you go into that Amazon echo smartapp and authorize the devices to be seen by the echo? The smartapp I mean is the one you find under your smartapps tab in the ST mobile app.

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Thank you for the help guys, I wasn’t aware that Alexa wouldn’t discover the sensors. and i also didnt authorize the outlet which I installed today.
it all seems to work fine now.
once again i appreciate the quick responses and help from everyone.

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SImply PRICELESS tip. Spent weeks trying to get this working until I came accross your comment. Congrats and a million thanks…