Echo Speaks Server update 2.4.1

So I have installed the echo speaks and everything in the app shows everything connected properly but at the top is says there is a code update for server 2.4.1. I can’t seem to find out where to go to update this. I’ve looked at device handlers and smart apps in IDE and in the echo speaks app. Can’t seem to find it. Also having an issue where my echos won’t search Amazon music and such. hoping the the update may fix that issue. Ideas?
Thanks, Steven

Install instructions

Server install

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Thanks. Got that updated but still having issues I was hoping that would get fixed. when in WebCoRE I say search Amazon music for … nothing happens. Even if I use the test feature in Echo Speaks I can get the Speach Test to work but not the Music Search Test. This used to work well for me but My SmartThings account recently got deleted and I lost everything so now I’m trying to rebuild. Any idea why the search wouldn’t work anymore?
Thanks, Steven

Maybe post an example of your piston.

3/24/2020, 10:49:12 PM +190ms
+0ms ╔Received event [My home].time = 1585108153106 with a delay of -917ms
+91ms ║RunTime Analysis CS > 69ms > PS > 7ms > PE > 15ms > CE
+93ms ║Runtime (36825 bytes) successfully initialized in 7ms (v0.3.110.20191009) (92ms)
+95ms ║╔Execution stage started
+155ms ║║Executed physical command [Echo - Master 2].searchAmazonMusic([Ain’t no sunshine, Bill Withers]) (41ms)
+156ms ║║Executed [Echo - Master 2].searchAmazonMusic (44ms)
+159ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (64ms)
+160ms ╚Event processed successfully (161ms)

This is just a test piston, but as you can see from the log it executes successfully but never plays audio nor stops playing any audio I may be currently playing at the time of the test.
Same within the echo speaks app. Music search test gives me no response but speech test does work correctly.

Try something simpler without the comma. Like just Classical. See if that works.

Still got no response. I used to be able to search the previous one with no issues.

I changed it to just say hello and works great. for some reason it just won’t search and play music. I can ask Alexa to play “Ain’t no sunshine, Bill Withers” and it will play. just not through webcore piston.

Maybe you should head over to the webcore forum. Maybe someone there has some insight. It is working for me. My piston that plays sleep sounds each night worked fine last night.

Yeah, like I said before this has worked for me before but I accidentally deleted my SmartThings account and therefore had to start over.

Something I just thought about and I need to test this when I get home. Do you have another person in the household that may be switching the device to their account?

I have a piston that starts playing music everywhere when we come home. I have a variable that random selects several stations.

I have noticed that sometimes when we come home it does not play and I have been meaning to look into it but just never got around to it, as it works most times. I use the device in our kitchen to start the music and it just occurred to me that my wife sometimes switches that to her account to play her music. That might be why it does not work sometimes.

You may be on to something. I believe in my previous Piston before all this I had a “Stop” for all my Echo devices before the search. I remembered the Stop but only assigned it to the device I was working with. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks Steven

Well, that didn’t work. Bummer.