Echo Speaks Questions

I have not been around in a while so I have a couple questions that I could not find the answers to.

I was just notified that I need to migrate to the new ST app. Since it has a deadline of October, I went ahead and did it so I could get used to the new app. After updating the app, I went into the IDE to see if any of my code needed updated. As I recall, only the purple text needs updated. On the smartapps and device handlers, the only thing I needed to update was Echo Speaks. I selected the smartapps and updated. Now Echo Speaks is still purple and there is Echo Speaks - Actions and Echo Speaks - Zones on the list and they are black. On Device Handlers, it is still purple.

So I am guessing that there is a much newer version of Echo Speaks and maybe this is part of it. I have not been looking at this for a while so I think I need a refresher on what to expect and what/won’t work. I did some searches and see new version info but I did not see anything that would tell me about where I am and what is going on.

Thanks in advance.

Your best option is usually to post in the Device Author’s thread which you can find here:

You’re more likely to get visibility from other people who have run into the issue (or the device author directly).