Echo Speaks won't search Amazon Music

I used to be able to search Amazon music in webcore and play certain songs when my wife got home. Unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tried testing directly from the echo speaks app and selected Amazon music to search and I get no results. Only response I get is searching Spotify.
That tells me echo speaks is working as well as webcore. Any ideas why I can’t search Amazon music anymore? I can ask echo directly to play a certain song and she’ll do it. I’ve deleted my heroes app and reinstalled. Same with my Amazon cookie. Both in echo speaks app.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank, Steven

Maybe you should post over in this thread. The developer monitors it pretty close I think, and it gets quite a bit of discussion so your problem might get more eyes on it.

I use the amazon search function in a couple of webcore routines and they seem to be working. It is basically the same as what you have, random music searches starts playing when we get home if we have been away. As you can imagine we haven’t been leaving the house much lately.


Thanks I will give it a shot over there. :blush: