Echo integration problems

I cannot make sense of Echo integration. I have multiple Things on ST (lamps, smoke detectors, etc). I added SmartThings Skill in Alexa and signed into Samsung ST account with username and password.

In Alexa app > Smart Home Skills >SmartThings/Samsung Connect is enabled and linked. When I tap Discover, Alexa app takes 20 seconds and found one item. - Z-Wave Relay. I guess that is an plug-in outlet I have on landscape lighting

No other devices are found.

Furthermore, in ST App>Automation>SmartApps I cannot find an Alexa smart app (which seems to be required in my reading of the forums?

Hi Dave,
You do need to add Alexa into the ST hub. I cant remember the exact process that I went through when I added, but I do remember it took I think about 30 or 40 minutes for the service to actually start working.

Have you tried manually adding the service in ST if it didnt happen automatically?