Echo Dot and Smartthings not seeing all devices it did 5 days ago

For almost the last year or more Alexa has worked perfect with my Smartthings integration. I have several different brand of devices on my ST hub but within the last week I have had nothing but problems between the 2 devices, ST and Alexa that is…

Used to have 15 devices that Alexa would see thru ST and ever since this past weekend it will not see all my devices and the ones it does see are not correct when connecting to them.

Anyone else have problems similar as of last and if so any resolution. I have deleted everything and restarted and to still no avail

and a RC thermostat

everything still works with ST in the app but not on Alexa please give me some insight I may be missing.

Thank you in advanced

ST was down for a few days. I had to reinstall two ceiling fans, but everything else was ok.

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I have to agree that things are much more hit and miss at the moment, after being rock solid for ages. Most recently Alexa complains it occasionally can’t see either the ST or Hue hub, or my MagicHome LED controller. Fingers crossed it’s just a short term problem…

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