Can't seem to find this, is there a list of Samsung TV commands available?

As title says, I’m having trouble giving my Echo show commands to work with my smart TV Samsung 8 Series MU8000. Its been linked properly but no matter what I try and say to my Echo, Alexa won’t recognize the command.

Does your TV respond to commands given through the app?

That’s the problem, I don’t know what the commands are lol. I’ve tried a few like “Alexa ask smarthings to turn my tv off” and things like that but to no avail.

I think its because my TV name in smart home Alexa app is all weird and long, I just changed the name of the TV to just TV just now but now I gotta wait to get home to try to come up with a command with this new name. So I’m just wondering if anyone has made a list of commands for TV’s so I know I’m saying the right command and TV name.

Sorry, I lost this thread, just found it. I was able to control my TV through Alexa by just saying Alexa turn TV on, or Alexa mute TV or something along those lines. I did find out that Samsung killed the Smartthings, and hence Alexa integration, with one of their last firmware updates. As far as I have read, there is no time table to repair the issue.

When I said through the app, I was referring to the Smartthings app. You could tap on your TV entry and turn it on and change the volume among other things.