Can I connect my Samsung TV to echo plus

Hi, I have a Samsung 8 series smart TV, I bought an echo plus…now my smart things app works fine with TV…but I bought anbechievso I can turn TV onnorviff through voice commands…but my Alexa app says device is offline and Alexa just says TV us not responding…is it a compatibility issue?

Is it by chance a 2020 tv? If so, you can connect it direct to Alexa. Direct Alexa integration works around Smartthings

Hello, it’s a sumsung 8 series 65 it’s a month old, I keep getting TV not recognised yet smart things works fine with it, I just don’t understand how to connect to echo plus even through alexa app…thanks for replying

Have you tried changing your voice assistant on the TV to Alexa? Go to settings>general>voice and you can try it there

I’vee done that,it says choose an Alexa device for group and it shows echo plus, but there’s nothing to click on
And in Alexa app I select add new device but it says not found except TV us offline

huh. well I honestly don’t have any others suggestions. Hopefully someone else can chime in on your issue. Good luck. hope you can get it fixed

I’ll wait till Samsung are open in a couple of days and ring them…thanks for trying though.


Is your tv connected via WiFi or Ethernet?

Wifi, thanks for replying

Once it’s added to the SmartThings app and you add the SmartThings Alexa skill it should work. If the TV is on and you ask Alexa to turn it off does that work?

No… just going to ring Samsung when they back on thank you