Easiest way to remove hubs and all connected devices?

So rather unexpectedly, we have decided to move from our existing house and now before we put it on the market, I need to remove all the connected devices and the hub and put it back to how it was. Whats the easiest way to go about this? I am also worried about putting the switches back to dumb switches because the wiring seems different from smart switches or am I wrong?

Not sure what you are looking for. If you are taking hub to new home just unplug everything, why disconnect them ? Other than wired devices of course which can simply be uninstalled and re-installed in new home and they will be remembered. You can always rename them if they move to different room. I have removed switches a few times and moved them around the home with no issues.

You might have added a neutral (usually white) wire to the neutral bundle in the electrical box to connect it if you had simple on/off switches. For dimmers some use the neutral and some do not so you might have added one or used the one on the original switch.

So when you switch back if the “dumb” switch doesn’t have a neutral simply remove the neutral from the neutral bundle.


Thank you, that makes sense. I guess I was overthinking the problem.

The main issue would be if you have three-way or four-way switches using wireless communication rather than physical traveler wires. If you wanted to take those switches out and replace them with nonnetworked switches, the wiring might be somewhat different.

I’ll happily hijack this thread.

I need to know how to remove all my devices from my V1 hub because I’m going to STcan ST. Switching to Indigo, or maybe HomeKit. Or both.

I’ll need to move half a dozen GE Link bulbs to my Hue hub, since Indigo doesn’t do Zigbee. And I’ll have to swap out my motion sensors, which I’ll probably sell here.

Best method for unpairing things? Especially Z-wave things?

I would just remove them from the app

If you have a minimote or are willing to buy one I have heard you can quickly exclude all your devices that way. Smart Things will be confused thinking it still has them but sounds like you don’t care about that.
Look for Removal-Mode in this document.

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