Need alarm notification for contact sensors in room

Hello, I have a situation and would like some help, please.

My master bedroom has Visonic Mct-340 e sensors on all the doors, and I receive open/closed notifications just fine through Smartthings and IFTTT. However, I’d let to be able to set a “mode” or “scene” with a different notification sound (more of a warning sound). That way, I have regular notifications during the morning, but a more noticeable warning sound when I need it. What would be the best way to set this up?

Thanks in advance.

You could have multiple smart apps doing the notification with different notification sound, each only enabled during a specific mode. That will be the easiest way to do it. Other options are using CoRE or webCore to write a logic the way you want it.

I know nothing about Core/Webcore at this time. :frowning:

Have a look at ‘PushOver’
You can set a different alert for high priority messages in the app


I assume from your description that you’re currently getting the notifications through your phone. What about using a chime, with alerts that are only active in Night mode? As a bonus, you can forget your phone in another room and still get the notifications you want at night.

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Actually, I need it for both, but that’s a good idea. I just needed the notification sound for these sensors to be different from the regular Smartthings notification sound.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good ST chime? Are there any that can use pre-recorded mp3s or other audio files that can be individually triggered? That would be kinda cool.

Also, what does this setting do? I was hoping it would change the behavior of the notification depending on the mode, but it doesn’t seem to work like that for me.

The Aeotec doorbell lets you load up your own sound files. I haven’t picked one up yet but it’s the one I intend to use if I get around to it before audible announcements through Alexa become an easy option.

Hmmm… That’s got some terrible reviews on Amazon.

I try to take amazon reviews with a grain of salt, sometimes they tell more about the reviewer than the product.

In the case of the aeotec doorbell, I use it for its primary purpose, ie a doorbell with the included button remote. But others in the community use it for all kinds of alerts by customizing the mp3s saved to the device. Check out the thread on @krlaframboise’s advanced device handler. Personally, I’d give more weight to the experiences of people here, over the impressions of sometimes vapid amazon customers.

You could also customize the sounds you receive from your SHM alerts.

The screen you found above, with the modes, restricts that automation to run only in the specified modes, if you check any of them off.

So what you could do is create one SHM alert with a push notification and set it to run in the mode(s) you use when you’re home and awake, for example.

You could create another SHM alert and restrict it to run in night or away mode, this time set it to send an SMS to your phone. Add the # that sends you SMS texts from ST to your phone’s contact book, set the sound to something that’s harder to ignore than a standard push notification from the ST app.

Now you’ve got two different kinds of notification sounds for the same trigger(s), depending on time of day.

Just keep in mind you’ll have to create other automations that change your modes based on whatever conditions you’re interested in using, if you don’t already use modes. The modes are a higher level restriction that can be applied to many different smartapps.

I have had the Aeotec doorbell for a while now and like it.
You can load up to 100 different mp3 files into it. Rules can be written to play a specific file for a specific situation.
The doorbell plugs into an outlet in any convenient location in your home.

You can use music for the mp3’s or use a website that generates a mp3 file for you from text that you enter. EX: “Water has been detected in the basement”
I have different mp3’s for water in basement, front doorbell button, rear doorbell button, etc.

You could have different mp3’s for different modes or different times of the day.

It comes with a wireless doorbell button, but you don’t need to use if you just want other “Things” to trigger events.

That’s what I thought, but when I assigned my Notify Me to the Away mode, it didn’t work. Figured I’d set up something wrong. Can we create our own modes in this section, or are we limited to those three? In fact, I don’t even see the Night mode in the app.

That part does sound interesting…especially since I don’t want to give up my existing decorative doorbell for this new one. I’ll check out the thread. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Only in the IDE:

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