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Hi - I have Smartthings Hub with maybe 30 devices between GE smart light switches/dimmers, 10 SONOS Connects, and a few smart plugs. Using my Smartthings app, everything is 100% working and ok.

However, I asked Alexa to turn off certain lights today, and she said there was an issue. I went into the app and see about 50% of my devices show as “Unresponsive”. Long story short, I’ve deleted EVERY device from Alexa, but now it won’t let me Delink Smartthings in Alexa…When I try to “Discover” new devices to get all of them to show up again, it says it cannot detect anything, etc.

I tried calling Amazon but no one is answering and it said to call back later. Now, I have a useless Alexa app AND echo dot because I hastily deleted all of my devices from the Alexa app and now the actual software itself doesn’t seem to be working (i.e., when I try to Delink Smartthings, literally nothing happens).


There have been issues with Amazon AWS today causing disruptions…


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