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I’ve been using Smartthings for about 6+ years. Because things were (mostly) working, I haven’t been paying much attention to changes. One of my motion sensors died, and I looked for a Smartthings replacement, only to find that Samsung/Smartthings is apparently no longer making hardware?

I need a motion detector and basic open/close sensor, preferably zwave. What are the current recommendations? I know there are a few multi-sensors on Amazon that are ~$50, but I just want reliable, basic, low-cost sensors if possible.

I have a pile of these:

They are cheap, react quickly, reset quickly, and the batteries last a long time.

There are multiple existing threads in the forum on this topic. For example: (The topic title is a clickable link)

And this:

With regard to smartthings brand devices (which were zigbee, by the way, not Z wave), those will now be made by Aeotec and are expected to be on the market in a few months.

Here’s the official announcement on that:

An Update Regarding our Hardware

Thanks for the responses! Grabbed some from eBay.