Motion & Contact Sensors - Samsung

Looking for decent working motion and contact sensors. I really like the Samsung SmartThings ones but apparently they are out of the hardware business. It seems people on eBay and Amazon are gouging for the left over inventory.

I’ve used IRIS before, but they are also out of the market.

What’s a good, reliable and not overpriced place you all are getting for contact & motion sensors.

  • Fibaro get marginal reviews and seem to very priced very high on Amazon.
  • Aeotec have better reviews but are again priced at almost $50 for ONE contact sensor.

Samsung’s were $30 at most. Please help!

Aeotec is taking over the manufacture of the previously branded smartthings devices, including those sensors. Some are available now, some will be available in the future. So if you want to just wait for those you can.

Otherwise, there are several existing threads covering alternative options. What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

Here are a few of the recent threads. In all cases the topic title is a clickable link.


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I’m getting the Iris gen 3 motion sensors from ebay. Says used, but the ones I got were new but not in original packaging.

These have been my go to contact sensors, and they sell out quickly:

people are definitely gouging the smartthings sensors on ebay now that supply is gone, but once in a while you can get them for $15 each.

So where the hell are the new Aeotec (Smartthings sensors of US) ? Aeotec is totally dropping the ball… maybe Smartthings should have gone with a different partner

I would assign blame to Samsung rather than Aeotec. It takes time to bring up a new production line and arrange for distribution. It’s Samsung that allowed for gaps in the distribution chain.

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I’m thinking Aeotec…they’ve had sensors out in their home territory for a couple months now and Smartthings home territory is left out… I put no blame on Smartthings for this one…

They were announced as the partner for Europe at least six weeks before they were announced for the US. So something was going on either in terms of the agreement, or regulatory, or Samsung still considering other partners…

But there’s no way to know for sure, of course.

These are ok motion sensors, with the added benefit of illuminance as well:

Showing at $20 there but I got them for $10 or less before.

By any chance do these drop of the network like Aqara contact sensors do every week or so for me?

Others have reported similar but I’ve had no issues. Over the course of about a year or so, I’ve had 1 completely fail and 5 or 6 more work without issues.

I would consider Philips Hue motion sensors (indicating and allowing also automations with temperature and luminance). They pair quick with ST with the device handler presented herein somewhere and they have great battery performance. They are generally expensive, but you can buy them from offers, at least in my country with around 30 EUR. Motion only Lidl/Silvercrest sensors, cheap and with strong battery. This goes also for contact/door sensors, Lidl ones are more than ok, for about 12 EUR. All Zigbee. Hope this helps.