Can't crete new Automation - option greyed out

When using the new IOS app - when clicking the ‘+’ at the top of the Home screen, Automations are not available. Same thing when in Automations - The ‘+’ is greyed out. I do have a number of existing Automations - have I hit a limit or is this some other problem? Thanks.

Only thing that comes to mind to try —> sign out of the app and sign back in.

But most likely you will need to contact ST support :slight_smile:

No joy from logout/login, app reboot, or hub reboot. Anyone know if the limit to number of actions in automations were increased? I remember the devs talking about it last year and said they were going to increase that number - I might be hitting that limit if it wasn’t increased.

If you go into automations via the menu icon in the top left, is the “+” sign grayed out also? Another thing that comes to mind… several months ago I found that my iPhone X couldn’t change the conditional “any/all” but my son’s iPhone 8 could. If you have another phone using the app, give that a try.

There’s currently a limit of 100 automations+scenes+button actions

I must be hitting the limit. I currently have 96 automations and 8 scenes. Thanks for the info!

Contact ST support :slight_smile:

Heard back from ST support…

“the total number of automation behaviors should be less than 250. Each device/condition/action in automation counts as a behavior. For example, one automation that controls 10 devices has 10 behaviors.”

I’m sure I must be at the 250 actions limit.