Duplicate event notifications in SmartApps

This is something I’ve noticed recently, the platform is sending multiple event notifications to SmartApps even when the event value hasn’t changed and isStateChanged is not set to true. Ideally it should not be doing that right? It should filter our duplicate events unless the app subscribing to the event has set filterEvents to false.

@erocm1231 I noticed you saw something similar also


Yes, I got a complaint about duplicate events being sent for a contact sensor recently. I’m pretty sure this only recently started popping up. According to the documentation and how the system has worked for some time:

It is supposed to work as you describe. Only events where the state is changed are to be propagated through the system unless the event is created with the “isStateChange” attribute set to true (which is necessary in some cases like a button device).

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Yep this started recently as I’m getting reports to double notifications from various users. Some locks like the Kwikset send two notifications, the (stock) ST DH processes these notifications and reports 2 events (both locked), the SmartApp till now only used to get 1 report. Now it’s started getting 2 event notifications hence the SmartApps are notifying the users twice.

@slagle can you please pass this on, it’s very easy to replicate

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Any word on this ? Why did the platform behavior change?

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This behavior seems like something I’ve seen on other devices, too. Hopefully, someone at ST will respond. (I recently asked an API question & hoped someone would notice that question, too :roll_eyes:)

Hoping to hear from ST, as @erocm1231 pointed out, the platform should deliver only a single notification per event state change unless the isStateChange is specified as true.


Having this issue as well.

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It used to work fine till recently, I wonder what changed.

I’m having the same issue here, too.

Started today?

Same issue here. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. The event is fired only once in the app but it wakes up my call back twice… Could it be that I somehow subscribe to it twice?

Yes, could be many reasons. Here are a few pointers without knowing more specifics about your setup:

  • Check if you have the Classic and new app installed, each may be sending a notification
  • Check if you have multiple apps subscribed to the same event, each may be sending one
  • Check the raw events history for each device to see if multiple events are being sent

You can go on digging deeper into each of these areas with the ST tools

My feeble attempt to make a contribution
I had this problem with one of three aqara door window sensor
I noticed that the only difference was that this sensor was on a sliding door. It was along the (horizontal) sliding direction. I changed it to the vertical frame and no more dups.