3 events triggering when contact sensor opens

In the last few days, when my SmartThings contact sensor opens, I am seeing 3 “Contact was opened” events, instead of just 1 event. This used to work fine, i.e. I used to see only 1 event, until a few days ago, when I started seeing 3 events.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

There has been a known problem for a few days where multiple events are being sent for some smartapps (not the device itself). ST is aware of this and is working on it.

One community member believes it’s related to push notifications, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed. See the following topic for discussion of the problem:

When my wife arrives home I get 3 notifications that she has arrived. These are pushbullet notifications via IFTTT (she doesn’t want to know when she comes home so until we get the ability to have individual account level notifications this is the easiest way to do it!). Wondering if this is the same issue?

Probably the same issue.
I have an IFTTT (or as it is now called, IF) recipe triggered by my contact sensor. The recipe is activated 3 times instead of once.
I have my own SmartApp triggered by the same contact sensor. It also gets triggered 3 times instead of just once. That happens even if I have Push Notifications turned off in my SmartApp.
I also have the Dropcam “Photo Burst When…” app triggered by the same contact sensor. For some reason, that app fires just once.

So, it does seem that the problem is limited to particular SmartApps. Go figure.
I really hope the SmartThings guys come up with a fix for this quick. This is a new problem, that got introduced not more that a few days ago, I believe.