Lighting Dimmer Devices: Showing ON/OFF Commands 2X Each In Events List


I’ve narrowed this issue down to any dimmable device I have (smart plug, bulb, switch).


Sengled A19 Dimmable Bulbs
Inovelli Dimmer Plug and Dimmer Switch


  1. I go into the Smartthings app (iOS) and try to turn on any of these devices
  2. Next I check the ‘Recently Tab’ and notice that any time I turn these devices on or off I get two notifications for on and two notifications for off

Is anyone else noticing this behavior or can reproduce it? Any ideas why this is happening? In the mean time, I opened a case with SmartThings support and they are escalating the issue up the chain.

Screenshots Attached:


I spoke to @erocm1231 and he was able to reproduce my issue as well.

This appears to be a prior issue with the ST hub’s firmware that was fixed and now has appeared to return:

Hopefully this gets some attention and is resolved.

It was a while now but I used to get 6 events per command and the firmware did fixed it. One other thing you could try is changing the DTH.

This is a pretty disappointing response from Samsung’s overall support. How on earth should this be the intended functionality to register an “on” or “off” command multiple times within their product’s ecosystem? And why is this something they can’t correct (thanks for the vague answer)? There is no logical reason for this to be happening.

@ady642 - Maybe you can help them solve this now that you’re an employee and it has an impact on WebCoRE …:slight_smile: (wishful thinking).

In replies all text above this line is added to the ticket
Regina B. (SmartThings)

Feb 8, 12:02 PM MST


Thanks for waiting, I know that it’s been a while since you have heard from us but I wanted to make sure that you knew we hadn’t forgotten about you. My name is Regina and I’m a technical lead assisting Dominic with this issue concerning duplicated device events.

We were able to pull some back-end logs for your events and passed them along to our engineers and found that this is more or less how the Hub behaves with these devices on your location. At this time, this is not something that we can correct.

As I understand it, this issue is impacting the functionality of WebCoRE. As you may already know, we did not create WebCoRE so we are unable to support it or provide guidance. However, you may be able to find a workaround for this duplicated device event issue on the SmartThings community: SmartThings Community.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to provide any insight.

Thank you!

Regina B.
Technical Support Lead
SmartThings Support