Dual question regarding Iris motion sensors and LIFX bulbs: can webcore reduce lag? also how Can I keep the lights on longer?

I have my house set up with iris motion sensors and they are working fine within my smart things hub v2. The set of issues i have is the lag time for the time that the motion sensor sees me and then turns on my lifx bulbs in all areas of the house, and trying to figure out a way for them (the iris motion sensors) to keep lights on when motion is detected continuously in a room.

I use webcore for the light automation, however I dont know how long iris motion sensors take before they reset to accept new movement to pass on to the hub and in turn have webcore reset the counter used for turning the lights off. I ask this because ill find myself folding clothes in the laundry and the lights go off and motion doesnt turn them back on probably due to them not accepting input at that particular time. Same thing for the kitchen and living room.

So i was hoping there is a way to decrease the lag time from several seconds to… well… faster than that lol and somehow tell webcore to accept data from these motion sensors to have the lights stay on while movement is detected.

Thanks for any help!

First things first: how are the motion sensors positioned? Often the easiest way to get them to stay active is to put one on the ceiling facing down.

So start by reading the following FAQ and see if it gives you any ideas.

FAQ: Where to locate motion sensor for fastest response?

Thanks JD,

I will give that a read. The sensors are just above the doorways usually, they would see a lot of cross-motion rather than far-to-near like a hallway. I can also provide the piston i use if that would be of any help in getting them to reset the timer. Let me know. :slight_smile:

Running things up to the cloud and back is going to introduce lag.

I have a motion sensor in my garage that controls the interior and exterior lights. It almost always reacts in a second or less.

The automation is set up in the Smart Lighting smartapp and runs locally on the hub.

The lights stay on as long as there is motion. They go off after a selectable time with no motion.

I would love it if the smart lighting automation allowed to set a dimmer level.

It does. I haven’t used it but when you choose “What to do”, one of the options is “Turn on & set level”

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(Head slap) thanks, I’ve been overlooking that one.

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