Best indoor motion sensor for Lighting (2018)


Wondering if anyone has any luck with motion sensor which would work flawlessly for lighting control.

I have tried a lot of brands BeSense, Dome, Ecolink, GE, smarthings and haven’t had any luck where once motion triggered it would turn on/off lights.

So far Done has come closer and I like the size as well. As long as it works with ST hub I am good.

Hmm…might not be the sensor(s) but the rule…

What rule engine are you using? Seems like a lot of sensors and none of them did the trick.

I personally use mostly the Iris Motiom Sensors with webCoRE or SmartLighting.


It may sounds like an issue with your mesh, either the events aren’t reaching the hub or the commands are reaching your device.
You can open IDE Live Logging and see the flow of events and commands. Make sure you have a few repeaters in your mesh for best performance.

Re-command this one:

Can you clarify what the actual issue is and what you have tried. Most others are having success, I have both Ecolink and Monoprice with Webcore…

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Sorry guys, didn’t see answers till now, need to have my primary email associated with the forum. So the actual issue was that after motion there would a lag of at least 5-10 seconds and if there is another motion in next 10 minutes it won;t do anything. I did try tweaking the jumper but no luck, So far Dome is closet thing working…

Can you please tell us where you have set the jumpers as well as a log.