Dual band wifi, sw on 5gz can I add Harmony?

So I bought the harmony hub and want to connect it to my smartthings which is on the 5gz band…my wifi is dual band. Am I correct that they talk via the cloud and do not have to be on the same wifi? If not is there an alternative to setting up alexa control with my tv/xbox/etc at supports 5.0?

The ST hub doesn’t have a wifi adapter, it can only connect via ethernet.

Unless you mean your ST hub’s Ethernet jack is plugged into a wifi bridge that’s communicating with you router on the 5GHz band?

Or do you have a Samsung connect router with the ST hub built-in?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Yes I believe the integration with Harmony is through the cloud. And even if it were a LAN-based integration (like Hue for example), it would still work anyway. The wifi frequency that each of your devices is using to communicate with your router doesn’t change the fact that they’re still on the same LAN. So they can still communicate with one another.

Tnx! That answers it!!! Yes, my st is on a dual band extender as my router is in the basement

Ok that makes a little more sense.

But as I said, the devices on your network don’t care what wifi frequency any other device is using. It’s your router that is routing information among the devices that are on your network, which might be communicating with the router via wifi (on either frequency), or Ethernet.