2.4Ghz or 5.0Ghz

My Logitech hub is having some compatibility problems. When running a harmony activity with ST sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. I cannot rely on it. But atleast ST finds the Logitech hub and can add it. On the Logitech side however i cannot find the ST hub at all. And here lays the problem probably.

The Logitech support is saying i probably run ST on 5ghz wifi and its not supported by Logitech. So my question is first of all how do i see on which wifi ST is running? And in case it does run on 5ghz and it causes a problem can i and should i make it run on 2.4ghz instead? Will this have any consequences? Are there other solutions?

Your SmartThings hub connects to your network by an Ethernet port.


Yes it does. But doesnt it support any wifi at all? After a lot of nonsense coming from logitech support this is the best answer i got. And it turns out to be not helping.

SmartThings has antennas for z-wave, zig bee and Bluetooth (disabled) but not WiFi. The connection between ST and Logitech would be cloud-to-cloud.

On the following link, you can find the available protocol at the bottom of the page

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If ST finds it, it means it sees your Harmony. So is not your network, unless, you have multiple access points in your home and Harmony bounces around. That’s the only thing it would interfere. When you say sometimes it doesn’t work, what exactly is the symptom?

Also if you connect your phone to your 2.4ghz band, does Harmony app show your hub as “connect” or “away”? That’s a good indication if you set up the Harmony on the right network. (see picture below)

Hi SB, the hub always shows connect. It just sometimes does not listen to commands. Lets say i turn on tv with ST using a harmony activity. 8 times the tv will turn on, 2 times it will not. In those cases i have to open the harmony app and turn the tv on from there which always works.

As far as i know i only use the 5ghz band, its just that logitech support started about 2.4ghz. I also doubt this is the problem at all because like JKP said, ST does not even connect to wifi, it uses a cable. I do have a second access point which is a wifi extender, but it has a 5ghz channel, which logitech cannot use. Plus i already disconnected the extender for a day or 2 to try if i can make things work without that extra access point.

But its still a mystery to me why ST finds the Harmony hub. But the harmony app cannot find ST. If you cannot rely on ST turning off the tv when you go to bed its pretty useless imho.

More bad news… a harmony hub only connects to a 2.4 ghz network.


Is your router a Draytek?
Classical (and easy to fix) issue of the router timing out.

I know that harmony only runs on 2.4ghz. I just dont understand why logitech says thats where the problem lays. So the 2.4ghz can reach the router/internet. And ST reaches it by a cable. Whats the problem? They dont talk to each other directly i assume.

I do have a Draytek! That forum topic looks very promising. Im gonna try that out.

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IT IS the problem then. I had the same symptoms and increasing the timeout fixed it completely! :slight_smile:

Somehow when i type in password and username on telnet i get a message that that login is succesful. But right after that it says connection terminated… Looks like i dont know what im doing or the internet profider doesnt let me access the router settings.

I’ve noticed sometimes an activity gets confused. For example, Harmony may think the TV is already on, so it doesn’t issue the command. It doesn’t happen frequently enough for me to deeply investigate it, but I think it may happen when I use the remote to initiate the activity, then use Alexa later to stop the activity and visa versa. Now that I say that out loud, I realize I’m never using ST to do this. But it still might point to a weakness with Harmony. Perhaps their integration API is not always playing nicely with the native remote control initiated commands.

My guess would be it’s a tier 1 tech support person who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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All too often, this is the case. With all vendors. OTOH, support folks gotta start somewhere and reading a script probably works with a lot of customers.

Just not the more technically inclined… :worried:

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