DSC Motion Sensor and Door/Window Sensor

Hello SmartThings professionals!

I have recently moved to Smartthings platform as I needed to use several third-party devices and my old hub doesn’s support them.

I have added my Zigbee devices with no problem. But I have some DSC Motion Sensors and Door/Window sensors and I believe they talk in Z-Wave. But I am not able to find a solution to integrate them to my SmarThings V3 hub. I tried search nearby devices and adding them as a generic Z-Wave device but none found a device.
Here are two links to the sensors detail:


I have tried the ZWave exclude utility but no luck. Does anyone have any experience with this sensors or overal Z-Wave devices?
Many thanks!

I think you’ve made a bad guess there. I don’t find any document that suggests that PowerG motion sensor is compatible with zwave or zigbee.

PowerG sounds/reads like DSC (security manufacturer) acquired or proprietary networking protocol/device standard. PowerG USED to be a Visonic thing, now I don’t know.


Thanks for the reply. That’s too bad! So they just go to trash lol or maybe i can find a gateway to convert them to zignee or ZWave? :thinking:

Nothing I know of to bridge these, unfortunately.

The first rule of home automation always applies: “the model number matters.“

While there are some DSC sensors that can work with smartthings, the powerG line do not. They operate on a proprietary frequency that smartthings does not have the radio for.

USA: 912-919 MHz

It’s actually quite common for security systems to use their own proprietary protocol because they feel that it will be less subject to hacking.

I don’t know if anyone has found some intermediate device that might be able to bring their information into smartthings, hopefully if they do they will post.

Otherwise you might just want to sell them on eBay for people who do still have a working DSC system.

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