D-Link DCH-S150 wifi motion sensor

Hi all!

In a brutal attack of insomnia last night I found the DCH-S150 wifi based motion sensor by D-Link…

This is exactly what we need! Runs on the power outlet, no batteries needed!

Any chance if it will be usable right from the start or do we need a new device type?

I’m no dev, as I’ve stated several times, but I am willing to purchase the device and be a guinea pig for a willing dev! :smiley:


Hmm not sure. I plan on hardwiring my zwave, zigbee motion sensors to house power so havent looked for any other wifi motion sensor. The original zigbee smart things motion is nice choice for plug in motion sensor though.

That’s an interesting design. Although, I doubt it’ll work since I’m guessing that it does not have an API. However, I love the concept of the plug in modules like this. A little cheaper (maybe zigbee or zwave) and you could put them all around a house very easily. Yes you can do that with battery ones as well. But, I like the concept of more of them down low and not as visible. Although, I assume pets would cause issues since they are at their height! :smile:

I´d also love to see this sensor integrated. I own one and its mainly collecting dust at the moment…

I like it that it has adjustable sensitivity. None of the smartthings compatible motion sensor has this important function.

Do anyone has successfully added and control the DCH-S150 or any other wifi motion sensor to smartthings? Could relate their experience? I’m planning to use this one instead of the zwave options (Smartthings, Iris, Aeon), any thoughts?

I have been using it with smartthings thru IFTTT. The latency is big, so it’s only useful for time insensitive mission.