Dlink Z-wave

Have anyone tried the z-wave items from Dlink?
Thinking about DCH-Z110, and DCH-Z120.
Motion and door/window sensors.

-or have I posted in the wrong section perhaps? :slight_smile:

Nope! Those look all too much like the early gen Philio PSM01’s and 2’s, as well as the newer Zipato branded sensors:

I’m sure Dlink’s and Zipato’s are much more similar, and the DH’s in the community may work without too much hassle. I have a few of the older PSM01’s, and they work well, but they are a finicky device to get included and working right.

The answer to your original question is probably not yet, but the variants of those devices have been used.

Thanks for an good answer :+1:
Maybe I’ll try one, here in Scandinavia, they are almost half the price of fibaro’s and the others.

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Not available in the US, so that’s probably why you haven’t gotten responses. :sunglasses:

They do look like the Philio’s, but I haven’t checked to see if they’re rebranded.

okey, didnt know they’re not available there.

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Hello does anyone have any news on d-link z120?

I’ve got some of these.

Both the DCH-Z110 and the DCH-Z120 pair as a window/door sensor (120 is a PIR).

In Smartthings both report their status as open permanently. Battery status reporting is fine however.

Anyone else had any luck getting them to work with Smartthings?
I did have them on a Dlink smarthub but it was rubbish. Trying to find a use for them now.

Did you try different handlers on these?

I got one of the motion sensors working, but I don’t know how! They are still showing up as a door contact, but ‘open’ on motion, and ‘close’ when the motion stops.

It’s not 100% reliable either - has been working fine for a number of days, but today got stuck in the ‘open’ state. Had to pick it up and gave it a shake and it went back to ‘closed’ - no idea.

Right I just changed the device type of the DCH-Z120 to ‘Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor’

Motion sensing is working now, and I’ve also got a temperature reading on the ‘Right now’ tab. Also in ‘Recently’ I’m receiving illuminance level updates in lux whenever there is a motion.

I have a Z120 and I changed to ‘Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor’ as per your suggestion but it doesn’t work at all… it doesn’t detect motion, temperature and illuminance level, it only detects battery status.

How do you make them work?

I wish I knew Stefano. I have two Z120s, only one works. The other is stuck in motion detected permanently, and only send battery info like yours.

I have two Z110s and only one is picked up by smartthings and it too is stuck in the open position.

I think they are crap sensors.

Totally agree… I will try to unpair and re-pair the sensor and let you know…

nothing to do, I tried several times to unpair and re-pair the sensor, but without success. I also tried to change the device handler but the motion is stuck in Motion position

For DCH-Z120 i use “3-in-1 Multisensor Plus (SG)” and all work fine:
illuminance: 13 lux
temperature: 27.5 C
battery: 100 %
motion: inactive
ManufacturerCode: 0108
ProductCode: 000D
ProduceTypeCode: 0002
WirelessConfig: ZWP
WakeUp: wakeup

I’ve tried also this DH but it still doesn’t work, it is stuck on MOTION

This one seems to be the best of the bunch at the moment, has anyone managed to get an custom ones working well?

I also found this manual which was quite handy for performing a reset: https://www.redeszone.net/app/uploads/2016/01/D-Link-DCH-Z110_120-manual.pdf

I have bought two DHC-Z120 motion sensors and they are working great with “3-in-1 Multisensor Plus (SG)” device type.

any luck on this as i got two the same