Possible to reuse 2gig motion sensors?


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Hi! My husband and I moved into a house in October, and recently joined the crazy world of home automation. The previous owners of our house left behind two 2gig motion sensors - these ones http://www.smarthome.com/2gig-technologies-2gig-pir1-345-pir-motion-detector.html - and I’m wondering if there’s any way I can repurpose them to connect to SmartThings. My Google skills are failing me on this.


Edited to correct: I missed that these were the 345 ones. Those are not compatible, only the zwave ones are. They have the same case, but I still should have looked more closely. My apologies for the confusion.

Probably the largest Z wave equipment manufacturer in the US is Nortek. They distribute equipment under many different brand names.

Their 2gig brand is usually used by professional installers, their linear brand is sold to contractors and also available at places where contractors may shop like Home Depot. And their GoControl brand is their retail brand sold at Best Buy and Staples and places like that. They also make some of the Nutone-branded devices. All of these are exactly the same zwave devices, just with different boxes and brand stickers. In fact the user manual is usually exactly the same and references the linear model number.

Any of the Zwave models would work just fine with SmartThings. The only thing is that you will have to do a “general exclusion” first for each sensor to remove the old controller’s ID and get it ready to pair to SmartThings. After that you should be good to go.

However, the 345 ones will not.

The zwave sensors are very popular in the community because they come in a gocontrol security kit which is often on sale at Home Depot and Amazon. :sunglasses:

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Thank you @JDRoberts! I ordered some fresh batteries and I’ll see if I can get them connected. :slightly_smiling:


If you like the zwave ones, shop around. Here’s the gocontrol kit at Amazon for $50 that has one of the motion sensors plus two contact sensors.

Oh, and some of the product descriptions for gocontrol products say “Requires wink hub” – – it doesn’t. SmartThings works, too. :wink:

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So it turns out the door/window sensors they left (2GIG-DW10-345) are NOT Z-Wave compatible and require the 2Gig alarm system to work. I’ll try the motion sensors when the batteries arrive.

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Update 2: It turns out the motion sensor (2GIG-PIR1-345) is NOT compatible. It’s a 345 MHz device. Oh well.


My bad, sorry for the confusion. :scream: I missed that those were the 345s. The cases are the same, but I still should have realized it was the other protocol.

At least you know about the kit prices if you do want to get the zwave ones.