Garage door opener relay problems

I am using a zooz relay with their tilt sensor. I am using a dry contact to open and close the garage door. When I contact the device it works fine. I can open and close my garage door just fine but it really messes with an wireless button I have. The car openers and numerical keypad become very unstable and all but useless. I have to disconnect the relay and reprogramm all the buttons. I have eliminated zwave interference by moving the zooz relay into the house and running wire. I m wondering if the dry contact I am using should have a resistor or some circuitry instead of just a shorted contact? I am using a basic craftsman opener with the purple learn button from 2007. Anyone have any input?

The dry contact should only provide a momentary contact. I don’t have the Zooz relay, but I know that the device I have simulates the “door bell” type button to open/close the door. Maybe the dry contact relay is holding it in the “on” position which would be like holding down the “door bell” button or turning “on” a switch. Is there a way for the Zooz device to just do a momentary “on”? Just spit ballin’ here.

Yes it is set to momentary

If your opener uses rolling codes, you will need an adapter instead of connecting the dry contact directly to the opener. Maybe that is messing with the programming of your remotes. Not positive, but it sounds like a potential lockout protection.

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This would be my first check - when I first set up my MHCOZY relay, I accidentally had it wired to the "normally closed’ contact, set to momentary operation. When I pressed the button in ST, it would open and then close the contact - so the door would open/close as expected when the contact re-closed, but nothing else worked because it was effectively holding the button down. When I switched the wire to the normally open contact, everything went back to working as expected.

Any idea what kind of adapter? I’ll do some research on the opener. I’ve asked the people at The Smartest House and have shown them all of my settings and wiring. Waiting to see if they come up with something.

I do have the contacts set up for normally open and the opener works fine through the relay itself but makes all the wireless buttons either very sporadic or not work at all.

It depends on the type of opener. If you have MyQ/Chamberlain/Liftmaster with rolling codes, I may have the adapters. DM me if you do