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Hi all, - beginner warning!

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I have an electric garage door opener and am aware there are various smart relay solutions available to open and close it and other sensors for detecting its state. However, my question is as follows; rather than a relay option, is there a z-wave remote transmitter (2 channel) that I could learn to the opener instead? The reason being, that the opener has the facility to open slightly to ‘vent’ the garage but is only available over the remote. As this could be linked to a temperature sensor to be automated I was wondering if there was an 868MHz transmitter that could be linked to the Smarttthings hub, one channel for opening and closing for normal operation and another channel for the vent function?

Your help would be much appreciated.

What kind of garage door controller do you have? Brand and Product number please, then we can give you a better advise on knowing how that works.

I understand your problem, but don’t fully understand what you really want to use for it to resolve it.

99% that a relay will be needed to achieve it…

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I have a Garador Garamitic 9 (series 4) garage door opener.

The opening/closing of it can be activated by a momentary switch so I am aware that this could be achieved using something like the Fibaro Z-Wave relay. The built-in ‘vent’ facility where the garage door opens about 150mm can only be activated using the remote control (on a different channel), I was hoping that I might be able to automate this, but would need a device that was a remote to activate that channel. - I hope this makes a bit more sense.

Page 34:

An impulse on the terminals 20 / 23

You can achieve it with a dry contact relay, I believe.

Otherwise the second option would be, have a second remote, wire up two dry contact itching mode relay to the buttons what you use to open/close and ventilate, and add that double relay to ST. (It is messy, but works…)

The first option is to wire up a dry contact relay to 20 / 23, and provide the impulse on that, it is more elegant and less messy.

If you think, that you could have a 868MHz transmitter(hooked up to ST, like Broadlink) to re-transmit the same code from your remote to the garage door to open for ventilation, then you must read this article, and rethink your garage door controller for security reasons. :wink:

My preference would be a relay connected to the garage door electronic.

@GSzabados thank you very much!

I was sure that the installer had said the ventilation function was remote only and I had not checked the manual for myself about this, which you kindly did :blush: :see_no_evil:

I have just tested and put a short across those terminals and it does in fact, do exactly that!!

Looked at the article and yep, you’re completely right and makes sense.

RELAY is the way forward! :innocent:

So, I need a relay (double if I am going to control opening/closing one one and ventilation on the other), would you recommend: https://www.vesternet.com/products/z-wave-plus-fibaro-double-smart-module?variant=32026576388211 and then pair it with an open/closed/tilt sensor such as: https://www.vesternet.com/collections/z-wave-sensors/products/z-wave-plus-aeotec-door-window-sensor-7 or can you suggest something else? :thinking:

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I think that you have picked the right devices.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure that the relay is really dry contact before hooking it up. But the description says that.

Have a look on the manual that can it be set to pulse mode by default, and don’t rely on ST to turn on and off. The device should do the pulse by itself.

For open/close sensor you can use SmartThings sensor as well, the DH support Garage door mode by default. But I guess you must have Zwave devices already as you choose these.

Thanks for your advice so far, it’s been very useful.

I will double check that it is a dry contact, don’t want to fry anything! I believe that one of the parameters is to change it to a momentary switch by adjusting the pulse lenght, I agree it is better this way than letting ST control it.

I’m guessing that DH stand for device handler, is there one that comes recomended or do I need to work out how to write one?

There is a stock DH as I can remember. But if not, you can find a custom one here on the forum.