Dropcam Support gone?

All mentions of Dropcam support have been removed if you do a search. I was able to find google cached copies of the pages but I no longer see any way to add Dropcam support whether it’s to add a new device or in the market place? What gives? I’m hoping I’m just missing something because it’s about the lowest thing Samsung could do if they removed the Dropcam support.

I suspect Nest told SmartThings to cease and desist. Or there have been legal issues between the two and SmartThings has decided to pull away.

Contact support and they’ll push it back down to you. They were able to push it to me last night.

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Ca you send me the lists, tried to contact the support and they didn’t get back to me!

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Which lists were you looking for?
Support is swamped but they should get to it - it’s quick once they pick up the ticket

I noticed this also. ST said they are reviewing dropcam integration because of recent changes on dropcams part. They will reactivate access on individual basis if requested. I guess they didn’t want people to try to use a somewhat broken integration and have a bad experience. Probably they should have posted this.

Sorry about the bump…

Apparently I’m the only guy still using Nest/Dropcam! Smartthings support is definitely in opposition to activating any kind of support for Nest users. I’m incredibly disappointed, especially since I invested further in Nest, due to the recent/immediate Google Home integration!