Nest Cam integration

I saw a few weeks ago someone mentioned somebody had produced a way to get Nest Cam working through ST. Can someone point me in that direction? I have done a search but am not seeing it.

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I don’t think is possible unless your camera set as public. Also, it would not be able to do video, only snapshots.

Can you point me to the appropriate thread with the code?

I guess there is no more support? It used to be there:

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I haven’t toyed with it, but you can use the to build a recipe that works with your Nestcam and Smartthings hub.

What can you make it do? Ideally I would like to be able to turn the cameras off when i get home and turn them back on when I leave.

If you have a smartthings arrival sensor on your keychain, (or less reliably, if you use your cell phone to tell smartthings you are present, but if your battery is dead it won’t work), IFTTP will note your arrival and enable your cameras. I haven’t played with it, but that should work. If for some reason Nestcam does not allow IFTTP to turn on and off your cameras, you could plug your Nestcam into a smartthings power outlet, and have IFTTP turn that on or off. (Actually, if you go that route, given your need, you wouldn’t need IFTTP at all, smart things hub will do this for you. But the IFTTP on/off functionality could in theory be better since the Nestcam will already be powered up just in standby mode, so it will turn on more quickly. If you use a ST outlet, you’ll have to wait for the Nestcam to fully power up and reconnect to the network, which may take longer.)

Bottom line: you can do this. IFTTP is free, so I’d try that before buying a ST outlet for your nestcam. But you are the guinea pig, so please share your findings here once you try it out!

Put the camera on an outlet. That’s how I turn on and off my cams at night and when I leave…

What is IFTTP?
make “recipes” of different devices from different otherwise non-connected device universes not IFTTP

Stands for if this, then that. Lets you connect different web services. I tried doing what derekwbeck mentioned but unfortunately the Nest Cam integration only allows motion and sound triggers for Nest Cams and no actions. So essentially, you can’t say if a presence sensor triggers then turn off the cam. Looks like the best current way will be to do a ST outlet. :confused:

I cant make up from this thead if the NEST cam (outside version) is compatible with smartthings.

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With NST Manager you can integrate all of your Nest devices into ST. Read the thread I posted above and then also look at the full documentation before you begin implementing anything:

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Which Camera do you have? I have Nest Indoor Cam (The Black One) but when I turned it off for more than 30 minutes it will not connect to the internet when I switch it On unless I unplug the Cam from Camera Side not the outlet and re-plug it so it will start search for my Wifi and get connected