Drivermemory SoftLimit hit

Under that new advanced web interface under “driverMemoryLimitStatus” it says it’s hit the “SoftLimit” which seems to be a common.
Will this effect the hubs performance or anything?

I’ve deleted unused drivers to try free up some space, which worked for a day or two, but its back on softlimit again. Any other way to free up space?

Would it pay to change some of my community edge drivers to default smartthings ones if available, is there a way if doing this easily?

Should i even worry about this softlimit…

I saw those responses before, but wondered if there’s more to it than that.

Since the latest update of the iOS application I can no longer add any devices. It’s saying I’ve over 200 devices installed. It could be due to this Soft limit. But not sure. SmartThings support aren’t providing any useful information.

I’ve 2 hubs in 1 location. My V3 has reached the soft limit my v2 hub isn’t giving any warning. I’m wondering if this is related to me not being able to add additional devices.

I don’t believe so. I am at the soft limit too. I get warnings about adding new devices due to low memory but I can still complete the add. I’m over 400 devices.

Still getting nowhere with the. Support team in the UK. Do they have an escalation process to expedite the process . Or are they too busy with everything else going on