My SmartThings for Advanced Users (SmartThings Advanced Web App)

This Zigbee setting is currently showing an incorrect value for me:

Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 4.41.44 PM

Official announcement was just posted:

NEW Advanced User App for SmartThings Web!


When I tried to change my Z-Wave lock, that seems to still be on a DTH driver, it wouldn’t let me change it. So I need to be on an Edge Driver first? It said my lock didn’t have the right fingerprint, but I find that hard to believe as it’s a regular Kwikset lock.

PS - After typing the above, I saw the official announcement which indicated the device still has to match fingerprint. Even so, I’m wondering if I can go from DTH to Edge with this?

An Edge driver has to be on your hub in order to switch drivers. That happens one of four ways:

  • You install a new device and the production driver is downloaded and used
  • During the ST migration, a production driver is downloaded and your device is converted
  • You subscribe to the beta drivers channel and install a driver yourself
  • You subscribe to a community driver channel and install a driver yourself

So supposing you manually installed a driver, it would theoretically be in the drop down list of drivers that a device could be switched to. Now, that being said, there may be something in the web app that won’t let you select a new driver for a device that is using a DTH or even if you can, it might fail trying to switch over. Worth a try I suppose, but I don’t have any devices left on DTH to test out whether it would work or not.

In the ST API Browser+, you can see the fingerprints a driver supports.

I have several z-wave lock edge drivers installed, including the ST one. Thanks for the tip about looking for the fingerprint, although I would think it would just work because it’s a common z-wave lock (but who knows if it was dropped). Maybe it’s because I never actually deleted the Rboy lock app. Anyway, I’ll keep trying because it hasn’t converted yet by itself, even to just the Thing driver.

PS. I tried to look at the API+ link in your post and it says it’s private or doesn’t exist. My locks are Kwikset 910s. Shouldn’t they work? However, my ST drivers are from the beta channel of ST. Does that matter? I have the Rboy beta driver installed and one would think that would include the 910 lock. I have a bunch of other devices that have never converted either (like some ZigBee bulbs and Inovelli multi switches). I keep waiting…

I wonder what the SoftLimit means versus an OK limit. My V2 is OK, and my V3 is Softlimit.

I have a Contact sensor _TZ3000_6jeesvrt TS0203 using a Zigbee Contact MC Driver and a second one running on a DTH. I cannot change the DTH device over to Edge using this method. So for now the answer is no you can’t


To use the API Browser+ you need to create a Personal Access Token at
SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.

Devices with the same name can still have different fingerprints. This is why you need to check that your exact fingerprint is included.

The only real difference between the ST beta and ST regular drivers is that some devices might be available in the beta that are not yet available in the regular channel drivers yet needing to be tested.

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Here’s the thread. The topic title is a clickable link to the full thread.

as far as I can tell, Softlimit means you get the warning in the mobile app that the memory is getting full, but it still lets you add the device. My ST Station is ok and V3 says Softlimit.

My tests with remaining DTH devices would indicate you cannot. The UI displays an error prompting you to make sure the fingerprint matches, even when I’m sure they do.

Edit: @Jeff_Gallagher already said as much, I missed it.


Stock driver only has a 910/1, 910/2, 910/3 with these fingerprints:

Don’t see any other 910 locks in the driver from philh30 either.

Can you check in the API Browser+ or the new Advanced Web App for the fingerprint for your lock?


Has anyone tested if more than 20 rooms can be added?

nice that you can add/edit/remove Modes

Yes, it works.

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I have a personal access token. I wasn’t asked to enter it anywhere. I use it mostly to log into T Austin’s browser (which might be to what you’re referencing).

I’ll try to check, but based on other posts I don’t think I can go from DTH to Edge this way. I wasn’t able to in the past convert directly, so I was surprised to see the option.

Ok, I have access to that. It just didn’t work from the link in the post

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Seeing the same thing with mine. Does anyone know why?

I am not sure I can offer a ‘why’ as such, but there is nothing new or unusual about it. It is simply that most native tools are Location centred so it is easy not to be aware of the devices that aren’t in Locations.

The ‘mobile as a thing’ device represents your mobile or tablet as a device in itself. It appears to be a ‘User Device’, whatever that means specifically, in the API parlance and sits outside of any Locations. It is the parent device of the mobile presence devices which are created in each Location where presence sensing has been enabled.

Does it have any function apart from being glue in the architecture? No idea.

Except that not every device that is enabled for location tracking has both a “mobile as a thing” device and a “SmartThings-smartthings-Mobile_Presence” device.