Everspring SM103 Window/Door Sensor Issue

Hello All,

Finally got my kit today! Didn’t expect that things would go smooth as silk, but I also didn’t expect to run into incompatible devices so soon.

I have an Everspring SM103 Door/Window Sensor in my garage, connected to an external contact sensor (similar to this one.

I went through the exclusion process with my Vera Lite, then attempted to include it in the SmartThings graph via the Android app. The sensor seems to have added ok, other than the fact that it persistently displays “Z-Wave Sensor Inactive” on the tile, no matter whether my garage door is open or closed.

Is the Everspring SM103 a known incompatible device, or is anyone else here using them successfully?

Definitely contact support on this. They’ll be able to help you with it.

“Sensor Inactive” almost sounds like it thinks it’s a motion sensor rather than an open/close sensor. I would suggest logging into the IDE and checking what type of sensor SmartThings thinks it is. You can also try changing it here if it is reporting incorrectly.

  1. Navigate here: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/

  2. If you haven’t already registers for IDE access, do so here.

  3. Sign in to the IDE environment.

  4. Go to “My Devices” (from the list of options near the top of the screen)

  5. Find your item in the list and then look in the column to the left. What is the type listed there?

  6. If it isn’t “Open/Close Sensor” you may want to try editing the type. You can always undo this easily later.

  7. To edit type, click on the name of your device in left column. (You might want to write down what the sensor type is right now to change it back later if this doesn’t work.)

  8. At the bottom of the screen is an Edit and Delete button. Click Edit.

  9. In the middle of the next screen is a field that says Type. Click the down arrow here to open the list of available types.

  10. Scroll thru the list to find Open/Close Sensor and click on that.

  11. Click the Update button at the bottom of this screen.

You’ll now most likely need to log off and log back in on your mobile app. See if the type has changes to look like an open closed sensor.

Thanks @chrisb. I changed the device from a generic-looking “Z-Wave Sensor” to the “Open/Close Sensor”.

The tile now shows the correct indicator, but it seems to show “Open” no matter whether the door is open/closed. Any ideas?

We haven’t added compatibility to that device yet, sorry. It may be possible to get it working though.

Chris’s advice is good as usual, but don’t use “Open/Close Sensor” as the type, that’s a ZigBee one. Try “Schlage Contact Sensor” and if that doesn’t work, “Aeon Door/Window”.

The fact that it shows up as “Z-Wave Sensor” means we didn’t recognize it as a more specific open/closed device type. Our device recognition system was originally designed for recognizing ZigBee devices and Z-Wave was hacked in later, so we’re still working on improving it for recognizing devices that we haven’t specifically added.

Well… I was close! :slight_smile: I did look for z-wave open/close first but didn’t find that, so when I saw Open/Close I figure that was it.

Unfortunately I’m not home to see if my garage door is open to see if it’s working…kinda nervous about it, now that I mention it.

When I’m looking at the Device details, should “Status” say “INACTIVE” and “Current States” say “No states found”? That doesn’t seem right.

Was anyone able to get this device working? I am trying to pair it to ultimately connect it to a doorbell sensor. I have tried both the Schlage Contact Sensor and the Aeon Door/Window sensor as described above. Both of those options results in the status of the device saying INACTIVE and it registered no activity. Are there any other suggestions?



@jeffchristoffersen I was. My Hub firmware version is v 000.010.00246. I believe that, along with changing it to an Aeon Door/Window Sensor was the trick to getting it to work.

I purchased the SM103 because it was in the compatibility list. I was able to get it registered (it shows up as a Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor) but it consistently shows that it is open. Aeon Door/Window Sensor is no longer an option when editing the device. Any suggestions on getting this working?

Did you ever figure this out? I just bought an SM103 (retired Everspring model, it seems, but bought because it is one of only 3 types of contact sensors I could find that allow hardwiring of external magnet leads). Couldn’t get it to pair, then when it did, it was persistently “Open” and “Inactive” in the IDE. So I deleted the device and cannot get it to re-pair. I would consider the Schlage or Monoprice versions, but they seem to have their issues, as well.

Actually…got the SM103 to work when I reversed the two external leads I had attached (from the external magnet/sensor). I guess there is a polarity issue here. Seems to work fine now!

Yes, it involved a firmware upgrade on the hub. I’ve had limited success using it to detect the status of my garage door. It works correctly about 90% of the time but unfortunately the times I’ve really needed to know if I left the garage open… it was wrong. I ended up installing a IP cam in my garage for extra security and peace of mind.