Anyone figure out driver to use to install ZLink Z-Wave Water sensor?

Moving to the new Smartthings website recently is making challenging for me to add back some ZLink Z-wave water sensors. They add as Z-Wave Switch when they load so don’t function at all and soon go off-line. I have many other of these devices that I setup prior to the new Smartthings website and I was using the Homeseer Leak Sensor driver and worked great. I’ve been downloading and trying drivers without much luck. Any suggestions??

Model numbers matter. I assume you mean this model?

If so, thats a rebranded sensor similar to the Homeseer FS100W (water sensor version).

Drivers for the FS100W clones have been brought up before:

Yes that is the one I have.

Good luck. I’ve tried to find a driver that would work with these. The best I have found is the Zwave masquerade driver by phil30 Driver You can set this to water sensor and it should work.

Thank you very much!!!