Driver edge ikea shortcut button?

Qualcuno ha i driver edge per questi pulsanti ikea ?


Here you go. When you go to pair it make sure you pair it next to the hub.

Non si apre la pagina…rimane cosi

Try logging into your SmartThings account then opening the link.

Try this link:

Let us know if your Ikea Shortcut Button works…

Io ho installato il driver nel canale di iquix. Funziona bene

It doesn’t work for me.

My schortcut button is tradfri type E1812

Try to perform a complete reset. Press the pairing button for more than 10 seconds.

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Awesome, that helped. Well, I was a little too close to a zigbee light bulb, so it paired to that bulb in my first try :smile: I had totally forgotten about that feature. Anyway it works. Thank you very much :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

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So, I don’t know if you are the developer behind the drivers, but you might have an answer anyway :relieved:

The drivers successfully helped me pair the shortcut button, but the press events doesn’t get triggered. Got any idea how to solve it?

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