Double tapping not working

Hi all,

Along with LTM-5 problems mentioned in another thread, I’ve got problems with 2 different 3-way GE switches and making The Big Turn On/Off work.

Simply put, ST never notices double tapping on ANY of the 3 switches I’ve mentioned. It recognizes a double tap only RARELY on the LTM-5.

Anyone have any insight? I’ve tried double tapping slowly, quickly, with hard presses, light presses, extended presses. Nothing. No result, nothing in the Activity feed.

I’ve had trouble with mine before, too…GE switches as well, but the two I am using aren’t 3-ways. Are you using the Double Tap app? Assuming so, are you using the On but not Off, Off but not On, or Both Off and On option? Mine work reliably only when using Both Off and On.

I just deleted the smart app I had trying to control it and have recreated them, but since I’m not at home, I can’t test them until tonight.


The double tap is a little tricky to get right. I’ve found that it’s kinda a rhythm thing. You’d like you’d double-tap like double clicking with a mouse. But this usually doesn’t work for me. Instead, you need to tap-pause-tap. Give almost a 1/2 second to a second pause between taps.

Now, to make things more complicated:

a.) This is only supposed to work with switches that are in direct communication with the hub. If your switch is communicating through the mesh network, then it’s far less likely to work, or won’t work at all.

b.) This will never work with AUX switches.

Good to know I should stop trying to get my LTM-5 to work. Odd thing is, I’m pretty certain I did get it to work once or twice with double tapping!

I don’t know smarthings but I do know the switches you are referring to. First the Evolve and Linear switches do require a double tap for inclusion, but it is a very quick double tap. Sorry I don’t know this double tap app referred to so do not know if this changes anything with the ST inclusion process. Also, a single tap is for when you are doing a network inclusion as opposed to a classic inclusion. Perhaps an NWI for ST is what is required. Just a thought.

Now as far as GE/Jasco devices go, they do not use a double tap for inclusion, only single tap will work for them.

Also if you are having trouble adding anything to your controller, the first fix is almost always to “reset” the device or remove/exclude it from the network and re-include. This may take 2-3 tries of the same procedure but I see it all the time and it will work almost all the time.

@chrisb, Thank you for your clear description. I was, indeed, double tapping as if I were using a mouse. I’m posting this reply to help keep this item active so others can benefit. The documentation is so very lacking generally that I hope this helps the next person sort out this kind of issue quickly.