Emulate Hue Tap with SmartThings

I am trying to emulate a Hue Tap with SmartThings.

I created a smartapp which would increment a count every time my zwave switch was switched “on” - so you tap the “on” paddle, and it turns on the lights on full, you tap it again and it goes into a different scene, tap it a third time and it could go into a 3rd scene, etc.

Although, back in January it stopped working and I’m told by support that this functionality is no longer supported because after you turn “on” a zwave switch, any subsequent “on” pushes will not be sent.

So does anyone have any ideas of how I can accomplish this with the smartthings system? I’m trying to utilize something that looks like a light switch instead of the round tap that Philips sells.


I really like the smartenIT 3 toggle switch. It has a nice light switch feel and works very well with Smarthings. Each toggle is a true toggle, so you can have one switch for on/off and two for different dim levels if you like.

Here are some other possible alternatives:

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Is this true? Then how does the double tap app work which they’ve supplied.

Apparently a platform change broke it, but it may be fixed again.

i created an app to count toggles. basically “on off on” works like a double tap. it was trivial to write but i could post the code if you wish. it’s pretty short.

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Cool. What device are you using it on?

If you check out the “double tap is dead?” Topic you’ll see that some switches have a debounce built into their firmware where they just flat out don’t send extra commands if you do them too close together. But some people do have it working on some models.

it’s a z-wave g.e. switch. I never had any luck getting the double-tap official app to work, so i wrote my own. i just posted a link to my code in the “dead” thread you mentioned.

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Which model GE switch?

i’m not sure. It’s the one you can buy at lowe’s for the IRIS hub. If the OP were to purchase any z-wave switch, code similar to mine could be like this: up = scene 1. down = scene 2. up = scene 3. down again = off. of course, you couldn’t have a load connected. I only have one other smart switch, and it’s zigbee (the tapt switch) and it simply is a piece of crap. I’ve used it with both smartthings and wink and it may work for a week with no issues but eventually it falls off the mesh.