Inovelli toggle switch or similar with scene capability

I would love to get several toggle switches that are capable or running scenes so that you can turn a light on or off, but also can hold up for 3 seconds and run another routine etc. I have seen the Inovelli switches and would love to get some, but they are never in stock. Would love to be able to get an idea of when they will be in stock, but their website provides no indication. Because the rest of my house is toggle switches, I don’t want to use rockers. Any idea on a similar switch I can use that has the scene capability?


I purchased 3 of them from Amazon a few weeks ago. They work as you describe. I am happy with them…

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Those are rocker/paddle/decora switches. he wants toggles.

Do the GE z-wave plus toggle models provide double tap like the rocker model does?

From what I can tell with the toggle versions people are having issues getting the double tap feature to work. Some report that it will work if they physically double tap the switch, but it will not work if they double tap in the app. Others cannot get the double tap to work at all. Can anyone point to where this has been fixed with the toggle versions (14292) of the GE switches? I was hoping for something a little more reliable.

As noted, I am looking for the toggle versions and neither Amazon nor the Inovelli site have any available. Hopefully I can find where the GE z-wave plus (14292) toggle switches are working more reliably or either someone can point out another solution.

Provided that your handler allows you to modify the association groups…GE’s 14292 does allow you to control up to 5 nodes though double toggling either off or on. Check out the manual here:

The instruction of which groups are controlled is in the bottom right corner.

Sure does, check out my reply to the original poster above

Looking into this now as I had one of these just waiting to get installed. Thanks!

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I can confirm, using the device handler found here: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Jasco/GE Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch (14291) With Double-Tap and Associations you can set it up to recognize the double tap feature. WebCoRE recognizes double tap up as button 1 and double tap down as button 2 and you can then use it to control whatever you desire. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction and for Brandon_M sending along confirmation.

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Glad you got it sorted out, enjoy!