Double Tap doesn't work on GE Zigbee Wall Switch

GE in Wall Zigbee Switch

As stated above I can’t get double tap to work on the zigbee switch, works on z-wave switches.

What is wrong???


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Look in the “Double Duty” thread…it will explain.

i don’t see anything about the GE Zigbee wall switch. my guess is the switch is doesn’t send a redundant cmd.

watching the logs this switch doesn’t send data back to the hub when the switch changes state or when pushed a second time.
stay away from this device if you want to utilize double tap. guess i will need to be moving around some of my switches now to put zwaves where i want to utilize double tap.

Is there anyway SmartThings can request a firmware update from GE/Jasco on these switches?

Actually, the problem appears to be that the Zigbee switches don’t report/support the event.isPhysical() or event.isDigital() attributes - the Double Tap stuff relies on seeing two physical taps.

I don’t know if Zigbee even supports these attributes, but they definitely are not being reported (both isDigital and isPhysical always return “false” on the GE Zigbee switches that I have installed).

There are certainly some zigbee switches which do double tap: Control4 has them, for example. But that’s a proprietary zigbee which is not compatible with SmartThings.

I’m pretty sure @pstuart has done something with those, but again that doesn’t mean any ZHA switches will have the ability.

Yes double tap and triple tap on my control4 devices works just fine.


The Zigbee switches should support double tap even if they need to invent a new command, and SmartThing should update the firmware on existing devices.

Has there been any update on this? Curious if this dimmer now supports double tap?